Save a stamp and renew your membership or join ASPA online today using your PayPal account or a major credit card. If you prefer, you can download a copy of the ASPA Membership Form [Word][PDF] and mail it in or bring it to an ASPA event.

NOTE: If you’d like to make more than one purchase, such as a membership and a trail donation, you can add multiple items to the PayPal cart so that you only have to checkout once. When you click Add to Cart or Donate, that will open another browser tab. Leave that tab open, and come back here to click another button. When you’re done adding items, you can proceed to the PayPal checkout, with or without a PayPal account and pay for everything all at once.

Individual Membership, $20

Individual Lifetime Membership, $175

Family Membership, $30 (please add family members’ names in the “comments” box on the checkout/payment page)

Affiliate Membership, $5 (please enter name of club you belong to in the “comments” box on the checkout/payment page)

Make a Trail Donation

ASPA spends many thousands of dollars annually and many volunteer hours to groom trails at North Star Golf Club, Creamer’s Field (including the walking trails), Isberg, and other locations for special events. Please help cover these expenses by making a trail donation. Recommended donation rates are $5/day or $50/year. Thank you!

$5 (recommended for one-time use)
$50 (recommended for season)
Other Amount

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