Race Rules

[Updated adult rules coming soon]

Junior Race Rules

Juniors are skijor participants 8-15 years of age, and must be accompanied to a race or other event by a parent or guardian. Juniors may race with up to 2 dogs.

A junior must be signed off by an ASPA board member. The following skills must be observed, with the number of dogs the junior will race with:

  • Stop and hold
  • Get up and start after a fall
  • Pass and be passed following trail etiquette rules
  • Ski well enough so you will not be a hazard to yourself or others. Juniors must ski 1/4 mile by themselves.

Minor skijorers 16 and older do not need to be signed off or accompanied by a parent but must have prior parental approval in writing.

Exceptions to these rules for minors may be made on a case by case basis only with approval by the ASPA board.

[Updated 2/3/2011]

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