Chena Lakes Race

By Sara Tabbert, Race Director

ASPA celebrated the break from January’s deep freeze with a race at Chena Lakes Recreation Area on Saturday, February 11. The weather was around 24 degrees, which made it pleasant for both racers and volunteers. 13 skijorers participated, and both Sara Elzey and Carol Kleckner ran two teams. The trails were nicely groomed and well marked by the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Erin Trochim went the farthest, taking her team of Itty and Tarsis 9.5 miles with a time of 40:48. Two one dog teams completed the 6.5 mile race which was won by Mara Bacujalsky and Tansy in 27:28. The two dog, 6.5 mile category had some close times but Greg Jurek with Che and Rib were the fastest at 22:57. Sara Elzey had the only three dog team competing in that distance, coming in at 23:43.

Despite her statement of little training time this season, Kriya Dunlop won the three dog, 3.8 mile class by nearly two minutes with a time of 12:52. She was followed by Carol Kleckner and Andy Warwick. Berit Engstrom with Harley and Friedo won the two dog class in 13:56, just a bit ahead of Carol Kleckner with Jenny and Blackberry at 13:53.

Thanks to volunteers Sunnifa Deehr, Alice Stickney, Kathleen Boyle. Big thanks to Andy Warwick who raced early and was the race starter and timer organizer.

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Chena Lakes Race
Saturday, February 11, 2012
Chena Lakes
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
9.5 mile 2 dog
3 Erin Trochim Itty, Tarsis 40:48 1
6.5 mile 1 dog
8 Mara Bacujalsky Tansy 27:28 1
Lisa Stuby Killae 54:35 2
6.5 mile 2 dog
4 Greg Jurek Che, Rib 22:57 1
6 Amanda Byrd Anya, Clara 23:56 2
5 Emilie Entrikin Licorice, Rika 24:39 3
10 Lisa Baraff Baloo, Yukon 28:48 4
6.5 mile 3 dog
1 Sara Elzey Dylan, Daria, Katrina 23:43
3.8 mile 2 dog
11 Berit Engstorm Harley, Friedo 13:46 1
Carol Kleckner Jenny, Blackberry 13:53 2
9 Brandon McGrath-Bernhard Rothko, Dora 15:21 3
Sara Elzey Faero, Kate 16:06 4
3.8 mile 3 dog
7 Kryia Dunlop 12:52 1
2 Carol Kleckner Casper, Chance, Millie 14:44 2
Andy Warwick Zip, Boots, Licorice 15:30 3

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