Dryland Race

By Sara Elzey, Race Director

Well, it wasn’t snowing this year! And it hadn’t snowed the night before, but the weather could have been better. After a beautiful, sunny week, Saturday was dark & gloomy with a light drizzle off and on, and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees. Not the greatest for a Dryland Race! But ten brave skijorers and 16 dogs came out for some friendly competition.

Five folks ran or walked, each choosing one dog to accompany them. Don Kiely & Chance and Adele Wiejaszka & Sierra went the farthest completing the approximately 4.5 mile course in 34:52 and 34:47 respectively. Mollie Murray & Maggie ran just over 3 miles in 25:31. Janice & Ira Golub with Gilbert & Sirius did the 2 mile course in 16:27.

Five folks biked the approximately 3 mile course, two of them biked the course twice using different dogs. Andy Warwick w/ Zip & Joba was the fastest team, finishing in 10:21. John Carlson & Rev were the next fastest team, finishing in 11:15, just 6 seconds ahead of Mike Ruckhaus & Sasha. Sara Elzey raced two teams, the faster team was Faero & Kate with a time of 12:23. The second team of Ayla & Dylan finished with a time of 12:39. Dale Griffin with Zammie & Koho finished in 14:44. Mike Ruckhaus did a second trip with Sam finishing in 15:27.

Thanks to volunteer timers Carol Kleckner, Peggy Raybeck and Paula Ruckhaus.

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Annual Dryland Race
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Chena Lakes Flood Plain
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
Two mile, Cani-cross, 1-2 dogs
Ira Golub Sirius 16:21 1
Janice Golub Gilbert 16:22 2
Three mile, Cani-cross, 1-2 dogs
Molly Murray Maggie 25:31 1
Four and a half mile(-ish), Cani-cross, 1-2 dogs
Adele Wiejaczka Sierra 34:47 1
Don Kiely Chance 34:52 2
Three mile, Bike-jor, 1-2 dogs
Andy Warwick Zip, Joba 10:21 1
John Carlson Rev 11:15 2
Mike Ruckhaus Sasha 11:22 3
Sara Elzey Faero, Kate 12:23 4
Sara Elzey Dylan, Ayla 12:39 5
Dale Griffin Zammie, Koho 14:44 6
Mike Ruckhaus Sam 15:27 7

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