Orienteering Race

By Pat DeRuyter, Race Director

Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association sponsored the Tenth Annual Orienteering Event at Creamer’s Field on Saturday. Nineteen people and 20 dogs enjoyed the wonderful trails. A light dusting of snow, warm weather and fresh grooming left a beautiful trail for the skijorers. The trail was a little soft for the walkers and joggers.

There were 1000 points available for each class of participants. Jesse Warwick (Joba) won the 60 minute Skijor Class and led all participants with 850 points. Sara Elzey (Fareo, Miley) were second with 790 points. Kathleen Boyle (Tipi) finished third with 390 points.

In the closely contested 30 minute Skijor Class, Jim Herriges (Lena) came in first with 590 points just ahead of Taylor Kane (Ole) at 530 points and Liz Kane (BlackBart) at 520 points.
In the 60 minute Walk/Jog class, Carol Kleckner (Ivy) finished with the second most points overall and won their class with 820 points. Jim Altherr and Carol Davis both with Sophie tied for second with 650 points. Bud Marschner (Kazon) and Jamie Marschner (Bree) tied for third with 560 points

In the 30 minute Walk/Jog class, Lisa Yancey (Summit) came in first with 410 points even after losing 60 points in penalty for returning 6 minutes late. Mara Bacsujlaky (Mac) came in second with 350 points and Courtney Pope (Max) and Cheryle Barrett (Charlie) both finshed with 200 Points for third place.

Thanks to Jim Herriges for Grooming, Penny Parker for timing and Pat DeRuyter for set up and take down.

60 minute Skijor
1. Jesse Warwick (Joba) 850 points
2. Sara Elzey (Fareo, Miley) 790 points
3. Kathleen Boyle (Tipi) 390 points

30 minute Skijor
1. Jim Herriges (Lena) 590 points
2. Taylor Kane (Ole) 530 points
3. Liz Kane (BlackBart) 520 points
4. Andy Warwick (Zip & Boots) 350 points
5. Erin Reece (Pinyon) 230 points
5. Lisa Allen (Senna) 230 points

60 minute Walk/Jog
1. Carol Kleckner (Ivy) 820 points
2. Jim Altherr ( Sophie) 650 points
2. Carol Davis (Sophie) 650 points
3. Bud Marschner (Kazan) 560 Points
3. Jamie Marschner ( Bree) 560 points
4. Clarice Dukeminier (Timber) 440 points

30 minute Walk/Jog
1. Lisa Yancey (Summit) 410 points
2. Mara Bacsujlaky (Mac) 350 Points
3. Courtney Pope (Max) 200 points
3. Cheryle Barrett (Charlie) 200 Points

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