Chena Lake Race

By Sara Tabbert, Race Director

The race at Chena Lakes Recreation Area took place on Saturday, February 9. Temperatures rose into the mid-20’s, making it nice for racers if not a bit hot for some of the dogs. The recent fresh snow and excellent grooming by FNSB Parks and Recreation made for a beautiful trail.

We had 17 participants who ran 19 races (Sara Elzey and Andy Warwick both ran two teams.) There was some debate as to exactly where the 6.5 mile turn was located, but those who were attentive were rewarded. A few participants made their own adventures!

Kathleen Boyle, Alice Stickney, Paula Ruckhaus, Chris Burrow, and Brandon-McGrath Bernhard all helped out with timing and handling. Thanks as well to Janna Miller for helping to scout the trail earlier in the week.

Bud Marschner took a number of photos of the event. You can see them on Bud’s Alaska Photos.

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Chena Lake
Saturday, February 09, 2013
Chena Lakes Recreation Area, Mike Agbaba Trails
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
9.5 mile 1 dog
  Bruce Miller Roy 56:35 1
  Mara Bacsujlaky Tansy 56:49 2
  Janna Miller Lily 57:10 3
6.5 mile 1 dog
  Jamie Johnson Kiska 25:40 1
  Sunnifa Deehr Clyde 30:22 2
6.5 mile 2 dog
  Greg Jurek Jet, Rika 22:03 1
  Emilie Entrikin Che, Rib 24:23 2
  Mike Ruckhaus Mayo, Wylan 33:28 3
6.5 mile 3 dog
  Andy Warwick Zip, Joba, Freddie 18:34 1
  Sara Elzey Kate, Dylan, Daria 24:49 2
3.8 mile 1 dog
  Gentry Johnson Wrangle 15:37 1
  Swaesy Johnson Hodgins 15:44 2
3.8 mile 2 dog
  Kriya Dunlap Zeus, Boomer 12:40 1
  Stephanie Maggard Gunner, Tundra 16:18 2
  Gail Davidson Cocoa, Darna 16:54 3
3.8 mile 3 dog
  Sara Elzey Rupert, Lira, Lucy 13:45 1
Self directed adventures
  Andy Warwick Jack, Yogi    
  Lisa Stuby Killae    
  Jamie Marscher Bree    
  Nina Ruckhaus Sasha    

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