North Star Fundraiser

By Pat DeRuyter, Race Director, Master Groomer, and Fundraiser

A beautiful 14 degree day and excellent trails were waiting for the 27 skijorers who covered a total of 109 miles and raised $290 in Saturday’s North Star Golf Club Fundraising Race. The funds will go toward the snowplowing and grooming at North Star Golf Club Trails.

In the 8 mile race, Maria Bray and her virtual dog Greta competed the course in a time of 34:05. In the virtual 8 mile three dog race, Andy Warwick with Zip, Freddie and Yogi were imagined flying over the course with a blistering time of 34:04.

In the 7 mile class, Jamie Johnson (Kiska and Hodges) ran a time of 19:00. Jamie Johnson and Bodie were second at 19:35.

In the 6 mile class, Sara Elzey (Faero, Dylan, Lira) posted the fastest time of 20:00. Sara Elzey with Kate and Rupert were second at 23:00 and Janna Miller in a virtual race with Lily set a personal best at 24:05.

Eight teams participated in the 4 mile race. Sara Elzey with Katrina, Darin and Lucy posted a 12:20 for the three dog class. Greg Jurek (Jet & Che) flew around the course with a time of 12:06 to win the two dog class. In a close second Emilie Entrikin (Rika & Rib) finished at 12:21. Hilary Schwafel with Harley and Oliver made a wrong turn and ended up crossing the finish line twice to come in third for the two dog teams.

Rebecca Knight and Katie won the 4 mile one dog class with a time of 15:15. Bruce Miller and Roy were a close second at 15:32. Ted Wu and Ty were third at 19:16.

Four teams ran 3 miles. Kriya Dunlap (Zeus , Boomer) were first with 10:08 and Rebecca Gilbert (Sharlee and Pepper) were second at 14:07 in the 2 dog class. Greg Jurek (Tar) won his second race of the day with a time 10:25 in the one dog class. Gail Davidson and Cocoa were second at 15:34.

Six teams ran the 2 mile course including two rookie teams who finished first and second. Gentry Johnson (Wrangle) had an awesome time of 8:44 for her first race. Chandler Kemp (Miley) was second at 9:36 for his first ever skijor attempt. Rounding out the top three was David Brooks with Sheriff at 10:48.

A special thanks to volunteer timers Peggy Raybeck and Kathleen Boyle, Starter and trail groomer, Pat DeRuyter and dog handler Amanda Byrd.

See the ASPA Facebook page for photos from the day!

8 miles 3 dogs virtual race
Andy Warwick (Zip, Freddie, Yogi) 34:04

8 miles 1 virtual dog
Maria Bray (Greta) 34:05

7 miles 2 dogs
Jamie Johnson (Kiska, Hodges) 19:00

7 miles 1 dog
Jamie Johnson (Bodie) 19:35

6 miles 3 dogs
Sara Elzey (Faero, Dylan, Lira) 20:00

6 miles 2 dogs
Sara Elzey (Kate, Rupert) 23:00

6 miles 1 dog virtual race
Janna Miller (Lily) 24:05

4 miles 3 dogs
Sara Elzey (Katrina, Darin, Lucy) 12:20

4 miles 2 dogs
Greg Jurek (Jet, Rib) 12:06
Emilie Entrikin (Rika, Rib) 12:21
Hilary Schwafel (Oliver, Harley) 7:05/16:46

4 miles 1 dog
Rebecca Knight (Katie) 15.15
Bruce Miller (Roy) 15:32
Ted Wu (Ty) 19:16
Lisa Stuby (Killae) 34:53

3 miles 2 dogs
Kriya Dumlap (Zeus, Boomer) 10:08
Rebecca Gilbert (Sharlee, Pepper) 14:07

3 miles 1 dog
Greg Jurek (Tar) 10:25
Gail Davidson (Cocoa) 15:34

2 miles 2 dogs virtual race
Andy Warwick (Licorice , Boots) 13:53

2 miles 1 dog
Gentry Johnson (Wrangle) 8:44
Chandler Kemp (Miley) 9:36
David Brooks (Sheriff) 10:48
David Brooks (Monty 13:52
Kathleen Boyle (Tipi) no time available

1 mile 1 dog
Kriya Dunlap (Tommy) 4:16

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