Orienteering Race

By Pat DeRuyter, Orienteering Master

Nine participants with dogs braved the -2 degree weather and 2 inches of fresh snow at Creamer’s Field for the 11th annual ASPA Orienteering Event on Saturday, March 23. Jesse Warwick and Joba won the 60 minute Skijor class with a total of 910 points. Jesse only used 45 minutes of his time but missed one “control” worth 90 points. David Brooks with Sheriff and Monty came in second with 670 points.

Andy Warwick won the 30 minute skijor class with a total of 370 points. Andy was running a 12 year old dog and he admitted that neither he nor the dog were as young and fast as they used to be.

Don Kiely with Bonsai won the 60 minute Walk/run class by collecting all 1000 points in 58 minutes. Don traveled 6.2 miles around Creamer’s Field and the ADMA maintained mushing trails. Jim Altherr and Carol Davis with Sophie tied for second with 680 points.

Orienteering results
Saturday, March 23, 2013
Creamer’s Field

60 minute Skijor

  1. Jesse Warwick (Joba) 910pts
  2. David Brooks (Sheriff , Monty) 670 pts
  3. Kathleen Boyle (Tipi) 460 pts
  4. Barb O’Donnell (Buddy) 420 pts

30 minute Skijor

  1. Andy Warwick (Zip) 370 pts

60 minute Walk/run 

  1. Don Kiely (Bonsai) 1000 pts
  2. Jim Altherr (Sophie) 680 pts / Carol Davis (Sophie) 680 pts
  3. Carol Kleckner (Ivy) 620 pts (corrected)

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