2015 Birch Hill Races

Spring shine and warmth are upon us and it is time for the 14th Annual Birch Hill Skijor Races. As always, the trails are in excellent shape and are really fun to skijor on. This is the only time of the year you can be with your dog on the trail and they really enjoy it. This year we moved up the start date so people interested in doing the North Pole Championship Races will have time to do both (when registering, indicate your desire to compete in both races and we’ll try to move your start time forward).

ASPA’s 15th Annual Birch Hill Skijor Races
Sunday, March 8
Regristration 8:00-8:30, Racing starts at 9:00 am
Interval Start Races
– 1 dog 4K
– 2 dog 6K
– 3 dog 6K
Mass Start Races
– 1 dog 7.5K
– 2 dog 9K
All races are followed by a Fun 2K Relay Event

The race trail will be the same as it was last year. The mass start races will be first to accommodate the North Pole racers followed by the interval starts. The short relay races will take place last.

Don’t worry about being in a mass start race. Number of teams is small, most dogs love it, and there’s so much room at Birch Hill that it is easy to stay clear of other teams.

Signup will occur from 8:00-8:30 am followed by race meeting and the mass start races will begin at 9:00 am (7.5K – 1 dog) and 9:05 am (9k – 2 dog). Interval races will begin at roughly 9:15 am. Relay races will follow the return of most interval teams. Relay teams can be assembled that morning 🙂

Because of the cost and labor of grooming and setup, we’ll make a weather call the evening before the race and will announce a cancellation on the hotline and website.

Please send pre-registrations to Nina Ruckhaus at noruckhaus@alaska.edu and/or call 907-590-6016 for any questions

The most important item is to please CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOGS. This is the club’s best race of the year and we’d hate to lose it. To make clean up easier, bring dogs up on right through the gate and between the race shed and warm-up building.

Birch Hill Race
Add $5
Not Pre-registered:
Add $2

$5 Affiliate (eg. ASC member)

Hope to see you all there!

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