Birch Hill Races

By Nina Ruckhaus, Race Director, and Sunnifa Deehr

The 2015 Birch Hill Race began with a large field of 11 racers in a mass start 7.5 km 1-dog race. First to the finish was Rebecca Knight with Clyde, shortly followed by Heidi Brook and Sasha, and Bruce Miller with Roy. The two-dog interval start race was led by Sunnifa Deehr, and followed by Sarah Elzey. The event was capped by a three -team relay race, with nine content and very evenly paced dogs and people.

The snowy, windy weather was ameliorated by excellent grooming prior to the start at 9am. The early start was set up so that some racers could get to the North Pole Championships. Race Director was Nina Ruckhaus assisted by volunteers Jesse and Andy Warwick, Lisa Stuby, Kathleen Boyle, Chris Burrow, Chuck and Tone Deehr, and Bruce Miller. This is the 14th consecutive Birch Hill Race put on by ASPA and it is one of the highlights of the year’s skijoring events with contestants also from Anchorage and Whitehorse.

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association  
Birch Hill Races  
Sunday, March 8, 2015  
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place  
7.5 km, 1-dog  
33 Rebecca Knight Clyde 21:39 1
32 Heidi Brook Sasha 22:30 2
35 Bruce Miller Roy 22:55 3
39 Erik Shoen Lefty 24:13 4
44 Hilary Schwafel Jasper 24:14 5
37 Klaus Wuttig Kikkan 26:47 6
38 Hanna Wuttig Koa 26:47 6
34 Janna Miller Lilly 27:15 7
31 Amanda Byrd Jolene 29:25 8
42 Phillip Marshall Skye 35:55 9
Lisa Stuby Killae 46:49 10
6 km,  2-dog
41 Sunnifa Deehr Moose, Clyde 15:12 1
40 Sara Elzey Dylan, Daria 16:13 2
2 km, RELAY
Sunnifa, Janna, Bruce Dave, Lilly, Roy 17:00 1 “Iditarod Wannabe’s”
Erik, Phillip, Heidi Lefty, Skye, Sasha 17:34 2 “Marshall Plan”
Hanna, Amanda, Klaus Koa, Jolene, Kikkan 17:52 3 “Jolene This Way”

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