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Fun Race #1

By Sunnifa Deehr, Race Director

Twenty-six teams turned out for ASPA’s first Fun Race of the season at Creamer’s Field on Sunday, November 29th. The trails were groomed by Pat DeRuyter moments before competitors took to the fields.

The 3.6 mile 2-dog was easily won by Aren Gunderson, followed by Sunnifa Deehr, Mike Ruckhaus, Nina Ruckhaus, and Kailyn Davis. Bruce Miller and Roy won the 1-dog 3.6 mile, Derek Frohbieter was second, followed closely by Shawna Henderson. Jesse Davis sprinted past Pepper McFarland to claim fourth place. Sara Elzey ran two 3-dog teams for easy wins in the 2.8 mile and 1.4 mile classes. Sunnifa Deehr dominated the 2.8 mile 2-dog class. Molly Yazwinski and Kriya Dunlap placed second and third, followed by Drew Harrington, Lisa Beattie, and Scott Jerome. Liz Kane, Pauline Tise, Christine Matson, and Brenna McConnell-Booher were the top four finishers in the 1.4 mile, and Sunnifa Deehr, Pinky Herriges, and Pauline Tise topped the 0.4 mile sprint.

A very big thank you to our volunteers, Pauline Tise, Kathleen Boyle, Sara Tabbert, Chris Burrow, Alice Stickney, and the many new faces helping at the start line. The race would not have happened without them.

Note: Bud Marschner, dog sport photographer extraordinaire, has again made available photos of the event. He writes, “I’ve uploaded low resolution photos to my smug mug site; select the 2015 Creamer’s Skijoring gallerie. If anyone wants prints, they can order thru smug mug which are printed by Bay Photo. However, if you want the highest quality prints, let me know and I’ll upload a hi -resolution photo without a water mark. Or, let me know and I can print locally (I do have a very nice printer) 5×7 is $7, 8.5×11 is $15 and 13×19 is $35.”

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Fun Race #1
Sunday, November 29, 2015
Creamer’s Field
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
3.6 mile, 2-dog
22 Aren Gunderson Scoober, Hammer 11:53 1
21 Sunnifa Deehr Dave, Sisu 12:44 2
26 Mike Ruckhaus Snuff, Sash 13:22 3
25 Nina Ruckhaus Piggy, Weasel 14:14 4
23 Kailyn Davis Panda, Zeke 14:27 5
3.6 mile, 1-dog
16 Bruce Miller Roy 15:22 1
17 Derek Frohbieter Rocky 17:37 2
18 Shawna Henderson Penny 17:42 3
20 Jesse Davis Elsa 37:29 4
19 Pepper McFarland Sage 38:00 5
2.8 mile, 3-dog
1 Sara Elzey Kate, Daria, Sabrina 10:10 1
2.8 mile, 2-dog
15 Sunnifa Deehr Moose, Clyde 9:46 1
12 Molly Yazwinski Xina, Seoul 11:05 2
13 Kriya Dunlap Zeus, Odin 11:44 3
11 Drew Harrington Lisa, Zazu 12:02 4
24 Lisa Beattie Rita, Nala 13:19 5
14 Scott Jerome Boomer, Bjorn 19:05 6
1.4 mile, 3-dog
10 Sara Elzey Faero, Dillon, Katrina 5:18 1
1.4 mile, 1-dog
5 Liz Kane Black Bart 7:46 1
9 Pauline Tise Puck 9:49 2
8 Christine Matson Jasper 10:50 3
7 Brenna McConnell-Booher ? 11:46 4
6 Jeremy Paro Elspeth DNF
.4 mile,  1-dog
2 Sunnifa Deehr Aksel 2:18 1
4 Pinky Herriges Stinky 3:05 2
3 Pauline Tise Max 4:11 3

Fun Race #2

By Sara Tabbert, Race Director

The big news from Fun Race 2 was the number of racers! We haven’t had this large a field of skijorers in a long time. There were lots of new faces, which is great to see. Temperatures were good for both humans and dogs. It was fun.

Racers covered distances from .5 to 5.7 miles. There were no stories of significant excitement, no moose encounters, and nobody got lost enough to report it. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves in the results. Leni Stolz represented our junior racers nicely, and Pam Groves skijored with the team with the biggest size differential.

Thanks to race co-organizer Sunnifa Deehr, timers Alice Stickney and Kathleen Boyle, Pauline Tise who helped with registration, Lisa Stuby for “farmhousesitting,” and handlers Brandon McGrath-Bernhard, Drew Warf, and others who came to assist their racer and helped with others. As always many thanks to Pat DeRuyter and the grooming crew for providing us with such nice trails. And last but definitely not least, Bud Marschner for being so generous with his photography time.

Speaking of Bud Marschner, he has once again generously put his photos of today’s Fun Race on his great photography Web site.

Bib #SkijorerDogsTimePlace
5.7 mile, 2 dog
1Greg JurekJet, Rossi17:401*
13Aren GundersonScoober, Hammer19:292
17Lindsay CameronWren, Blue Steel24:263
* possibly did different route
5.7 mile 1 dog
21Matt CameronAllover27:101
18Jana MillerLily30:042
3.6 mile 3 dog
2Sara ElzeyDaria, Kate, Dylan13:061
3.6 mile 2 dog
15Molly YazwinskiSeoul, Xena12:241
3Nina RuckhausSasha, Snuff12:492
16Drew HarringtonLisa, Zazu13:083
3.6 mile 1 dog
20Greg JurekHornet12:521
19Bruce MillerRoy14:192
5Kimberlee BeckmenGemma14:353
11Leni StolzMika16:004
4Gail DavidsonDarna16:125
12Marianne StolzMurray16:536
2.8 mile 2 dog
23Scott JeromeBoomer, Zeus10:151
6Robbin Garber-SlaghtRadar, Amos14:152
22Brenna McConnell-BooherTupelo, Thaneski issue
2.8 mile 1 dog
26Gail DavidsonCocoa16:371
7Pauline TisePuck19:322
25Jamie MarschnerDancer20:443
1.4 mile 2 dog
27Sara ElzeyKatrina, Lira5:341
24Nina RuckhausPiggy, Weasel6:192
1.4 mile 1 dog
29Kriya DunlapBjorn4:481
31Kimberlee BeckmenLily6:152
28Hannah EkbladWillow6:383
30Christine MatsonJasper7:184
.5 mile 2 dog
22Alisha KottwitzSaiga, Jax2:361
33Pam GrovesElsie, Dortchen4:142
.5 mile 1 dog
35Pauline TiseMax2:281
34Robbin Garber-SlaghtAmos2:322

Fun Race #3

By Nina Ruckhaus, Race Director

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Fun Race #3
Sunday, January 17, 2016
Creamer's Field
Bib #SkijorerDogsTimePlace
0.5 mile, 1 dog
16Paula RuckhausSasha2.591
1.4 mile, 1 dog
13Christine MatsonJasper6.151
1.4 miles, 2 dogs
14Kriya DunlapBjorn, Odin4.481
8Gracie WestSaiga, Jax9.092
3.6 miles, 1 dog
7Gail DavidsonDarna17.231
8Gracie WestSherloch20.492
10Lisa StubyKillae31.313
3.6 miles, 2 dogs
5Kriya DunlapBoomer, Zeus12.451
6Sarah ElzeyKate, Sabrina13.072
2.8 miles, 1 dogs
12Gail DavidsonCocoa20.151
11 Tred de LepperSabo27.482
2.8 miles, 2 dogs
9Pauline TisePuck, Grizz19.131
5.4 miles, 2 dogs
1Greg JurekJet, Hornet18.321
2Aren GundersonScoober, Hammer18.532
3Mike RuckhausSasha, Snuff22.393
4Erin Trochim Onion, Roach23.394

Fun Race #4

By Sunnifa Deehr, Race Director

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
NorthStar Golf Course

Bib #SkijorerDogsTimePlace
6 miles 2-Dog
2Thomas BorgerdingPiper, Popy32:551
6 miles 1-Dog
3Lauren FrischDaisy Tada!34:291
4 miles 3-Dog
1Sara ElzeyDaria, Lira, Sabrina15:271
4 miles 2-Dog
4Chris SlaghtRadar, Ghost17:551
5Gail DavidsonCocoa, Darna22:122
4 miles 1-Dog
7Bruce MillerRoy18:331
6Janna MillerLilly19:502
8Mara BacsujlakyTansy21:463
11Gracie West???21:554
10Robbin Garber-SlaghtAmos22:575
9Fred deLepperSabo26:356
3 miles 2-Dog
16Kriya DunlapObin, Bjorn9:281
3 miles 1-Dog
12Dinah PattonMeadow20:011
2 miles 1-Dog
14Lisa StubyKillae18:291
15Michelle ColemanOlaf38:472
0.5 miles 2-Dog
19Sara ElzeyDylan, Katrina3:591

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