TRAX Birch Hill Skijor Race

By Chris Burrow, Race Director

ASPA’s annual race at Birch Hill started early but had a great turn out with sixteen teams taking advantage of the only time dogs are allowed at Birch Hill in the winter. Sunshine and temps in the teens made it a perfect day for skijoring in the 9k, 5k, and 2k events.

The 9k portion was an International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) accredited event. Multiple skijorers were vying for points in hope of representing Team USA at the World Championships in Ontario next winter.

The 2-dog 9k had an exciting finish with ASPA newcomer Aasne Hoveid (Madox, Thonx) edging out Sunnifa Deehr (Dave, Sisu) by 0.5 seconds with a pass in the final 75 meters.

Amanda Byrd (Sabrina) took the 1-dog 9k, beating Bruce Miller (Roy) 24:07.3 to 24:10.4.

The 5k only had two racers, each in a different class. Sara Elzey (Daria, Dylan, Kate) completed the course in 13:01.2.

Newcomers Jacques and Florian Philip introduced us to the 2-dog tandem skijor. Jacques was hooked up to the dogs like normal while seven-year-old Florian had his line attached to his dad’s back. Dingo and Snow led this locomotive through the 5k in 28:49.0.

The always interesting 2k Relay had team “The One Ringing The Ringer” (Sunnifa, Sara T., Bruce) actually ringing “The Ringer” (Amanda, Sara E., Aasne) by one second. A team made up of Nina, Lauren, and Molly came in third.

ASPA would like to give a huge thank you to the dozen or so race day volunteers, the fine folks at Birch Hill, and the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks for wonderfully groomed trails that fit our needs. Also, thank you to the race’s sponsors, TRAX Outdoor Center and Aurora Animal Clinic, with a special thanks to Dr. Barb Cole for once again being our official race vet for an IFSS event.

Bib #SkijorerDogsTimePlace 
9K, 2-dog Skijor
8Aasne HoveidMadox, Thonx18:39.81
5Sunnifa DeehrDave, Sisu18:40.32
7Sara TabbertDora. Moose18:46.73
3Robbin GarberAmos, Radar20:45.34
4Molly YazwinskiLisa, Xena21:15.15
10Mike RuckhausPiggy, Sasha21:37.36
6Nina RuckhausSnuff, Weasel24:12.87
9Kriya DunlapBjorn, Odin25:05.78
9K, 1-dog Skijor
13Amanda ByrdSabrina24:07.31
16Bruce MillerRoy24:10.42
15Derek FrohbieterRocky31:40.63
11Lauren FrischDaisy Tada!31:41.24
12Lisa StubyKillae47:33.95
5K, 3-dog Skijor
1Sara ElzeyDaria, Dylan, Kate13:01.21
5K, 2-dog Tandem Skijor
2Jacques & Florian PhilipDingo, Snow28:49.01
2K, Skijor Relay
"The One Ringing The Ringer"StartFinishTotal
Sunnifa DeehrClyde0:006:176:17
Sara TabbertMoose6:1712:095:52
Bruce MillerRoy12:0916:424:33
"The Ringer"
Amanda ByrdLira0:006:306:30
Sara ElzeyKatrina6:3012:095:39
Aasne Hoveid??12:0916:434:34
(no name)
Nina Ruckhaus??0:008:448:44
Lauren FrischDaisy Tada!8:4415:406:56
Molly YazwinskiLisa15:4022:115:31

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