Chena Lakes Race

By Nina Ruckhaus, Race Director

The annual Chena Lakes Race was held on a crisp and beautifully sunny day with a great turnout of veteran skijoring teams and some newcomers. The competition was fierce between some rival teams, of all sorts of dog breeds and relative speeds, which was quite exciting to watch. We had a big class of racers going around the 3.8 mile course and one racer who ventured out far on the 12 mile loop out by the flood plains with her distance team. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers–Alice Stickney, Kathleen Boyle, and Lori Beraha–who spent there time making this race possible!

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Chena Lakes Race
Sunday, February 26, 2017
Chena Lake Recreation Area
Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
3.8 mile, 2-dog
Jeff Benowitz Panda, Zeke 16:35 1
Brian Reggiani Olive, Weasel 17:10 2
Alaina Ctibor Amber, Dali 17:30 3
Dinah Patten Cashew, Cowboy 27:43 4
Jamie Marshner Dancer,Spice 28:35 5
5.1 mile, 2-dog
Gail Davidson Cocoa, Darna 35:54 1
12 mile, 3-dog
Erin Trochim Onion, Roach, Piggy 1:03:00 1
3.8 mile, 1-dog
Kelsi Johnson Loki 24:06 1
Bill Keller Kenai 26:40 2
Christine Matson Jasper 26:52 3
Phillip Marshall Skye 27:43 4

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