West Ridge Race

West Ridge Race, Feb 19, UAF ski trails

We had perfect trail conditions for the race on the West Ridge trails at UAF this year. Though the prediction was for colder weather, it stayed nicely right around zero with a few flakes in the air. UAF’s trail groomer Jason Garron kindly put in some fresh corduroy which helped racers navigate the challenging parts of the Big Whizzy. Teams covered distances from one to nine miles and could race with up to three dogs. It is a great privilege to be able to use these trails and ASPA thanks UAF for the ongoing permission and support.

Kathleen Boyle and Sara Tabbert were the race directors. Chuck Deehr and Brandon McGrath Bernhard were timers; Chris Burrow helped handle at the race start, and Molly Yazwinski and Drew Harrington very kindly brought their snowmachine for safety and race support and helped Jason clean up the trails and take down markers once the race ended.

Bib # Skijorer Dogs Time Place
[9 mile, 3 dogs]
1 Nina Ruckhaus Piggy, Weasel, Snuffy 41:15 1st
[9 mile, 2 dogs]
2 Brian Reggiani Olive and Funky 49:41 2nd
3 Jacques Philip Dingo and BB-8 43:12 1st
3 Florian Philip Snow 43:12 1st
[4.5 mile, 2 dogs]
5 Sunnifa Deehr Sisu and Dave 17:22 1st
6 Jeff Benowitz Panda and Zeke 18:16 2nd
7 Jamie Marschner Dancer and Spice 34:54 4th
8 Gail Davidson Cocoa and Darna 26:03 3rd
[4.5 mile, 1 dog]
4 Phil Marshall Skye 28:42 5th
9 Josh Link Loki 20:26 1st
10 Christine Matson Jasper 31:55 7th
11 Sara Tabbert Dora 20:28 2nd
12 Robbin Garber Goober 24:08 4th
13 Eric Gilling Howl 38:44 8th
14 Lance Gillette Chester 29:23 6th
15 Amanda Bird Sabrina 21:13 3rd
[3 mile, 1 dog (Unofficial Class)]
16 Mara Bacsujlaky Tansy 16:08 1st
[1 mile, 1 dog]
17 Magali Philip Ishani 7:03 1st

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