UAF West Ridge Race

Race Course

2018 UAF West Ridge race course – this photo represents the 4.5 mile course, which is one lap of the 9 mile course. If you are opting for “no whiz,” it means you continue past all the squiggly stuff on the left.

Course Description

[All distances are approximate]

4.5 Mile – Start near the parking lot and travel west down the powerline trail. Turn right onto the Tee Field Road. Bypass the Potato Field continuing straight down the road to the T-Field. Turn right onto the T-Field travelling around the perimeter. By pass the trail to the top of the T-Field and continue around to the lower, SW corner. Turn right at the SW corner onto the Smith Lake access trail. Take a left onto Smith Lake and follow the edge around to the lake exit. Take a left and head up to the Potato Field. Take a right and follow the edge of the field to the top. Turn right onto the lighted loop. Near the top, turn right onto the Big Whizzy. Follow the Big Whizzy to the bottom and climb back up the hill. Take a left onto the inner loop (added in 2014) then rejoin the Big Whizzy and proceed to the top of the hill. Exit the Big Whizzy and head straight. Veer to the right of the dish and proceed to the warming hut and finish.

No Whiz (approx. 3 mile) – Same as 4.5 mile EXCEPT ski PAST the turn onto the Big Whizzy and head straight, veer to the right of the dish and proceed to warming hut and finish.

9 Mile – The 9 mile is essentially 2 laps of the 4 mile. To prevent dogs balking in the start/finish area there is a cutoff after the Big Whizzy. At the top of the hill head straight then veer to the left of the satellite dish and left down the hill onto the T-Field road. Follow the 4 mile course again. At the top of the Big Whizzy the second time veer right to the warming hut and finish line.

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