Fairbanks Creek Road and Fairbanks-Circle Historical Trail

Directions: Take the Steese Highway from Fox toward Chatanika to the top of Cleary Summit.  Turn right onto Fish Creek Road (toward Skiland).  Continue about 3/4 mile to Fairbanks Creek Road which is marked by a standard green and white street sign.  Park without blocking either Fish Creek or Fairbanks Creek Road.

Route Description:  The road starts downhill for about 1.6 miles, dropping approximately 300 feet (average grade is about 3.5%, just a little more than half as steep as the steep hill on Old Murphy Dome Road).  Climb back up about 150 feet during the next 0.5 mile, and then drop more steeply to the historic Fairbanks-Circle Trailhead.  Turn left at the wide spot to access the trail.  You can stop and turn around here for an approximately five-mile round trip.  Alternatively, you can continue about another 1.3 miles on the Fairbanks-Circle trail to a scenic viewpoint offering 360 vistas.

I look forward to exploring this area more once my dogs and I are in better shape.  To get an idea of the potential for a longer trip in this area, visit the Fairbanks Bicycle Club's website and the route description posted there.